Tim Cloyd, Ph.D’s Hendrix College Odyssey

This web site is devoted to the activities, projects, work, courses and other such things that J. Timothy Cloyd is engaged in at Hendrix College. It is for students, fellow faculty, staff, the Hendrix Community, and the Public. You will find here presentations, publications (drafts and completed projects), digital projects and content, digital previews of the courses I will teach, links to the web sites for each class, service projects to the community, and all sorts of stuff. You will also find here my annual professional performance reviews, my intermediate and long term professional development plans, teaching evaluations, and much more. I have also attached a biography. I will also on this page be reviewing the classes I am teaching. No. Not particular students, but classes as a whole.

The banner at the top is a Hammer Head Shark my son caught! Watch out for sharks in the water! Dolphins are much nicer and more fun!!!

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